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StratusPower from 50kW – 3.75MW

StratusPower ™ is a Swiss made 3-phase, online double-conversion and fully decentralized modular Uninterruptible Power Supply.

From 50kW to 3.75MW StratusPower ™ provides the maximum flexibility to adapt to any application. By eliminating any single point of failure, adding Decentralized Active-redundant technology (DARA ™), preventing human error and reducing the time to maintain and repair, StratusPower ™ delivers an industry leading Availability of 9 nines to fulfill the needs of the most critical power applications.

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The Technology
Intelligent Module (IM)

Each module is a complete UPS. Thanks to Centiel’s experience in module-design, the StratusPower ™ Intelligent Modules are equipped with three independent power converters, one static bypass, all hardware and all software (intelligence and monitoring) functions, making them fully independent and capable of safely isolating from the multi-module system whenever an internal fault occurs.

Hot-Swappable without Human Error
StratusPower ™ modules can be swapped without the need to switch over the load to bypass. Besides that, a per-module parallel isolator fiscally isolates the module from the system reducing the risk of human error and increasing system Availability.

Distributed Active-Redundant Architecture (DARA ™)
The architecture of the StratusPower ™ was designed to respond to the highest availability requirements, through the implementation of the system’s distributed decision-making in an event of a critical failure, and a correct management of the load sharing. The communication between the Intelligent Modules is accomplished by means of a fully redundant TripleMode ™ communication BUS.

9 nines Availability
Zero Downtime

Distributed Architecture
No Single Point of Failure

Unity Power Factor
kVA = kW

Ease of Service
Frontal Access Plug & Play Components

Small Footprint
+ 0.51 MW/m2

Swiss Quality


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