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“The ISO-Base System provides an elegantly simple solution to a complex problem” – Degenkolb Engineers

Original ISO-Base™ Platforms
ISO-Base™ platforms are in use throughout the world protecting valuable IT Equipment. Its unique modular and patented plank design, allows the build-out of sleek low-profile rows for isolating all types server racks and IT equipment, in varying sizes and weights.

The open “C” channel in the front and back of the plank design allows the user to move or change out equipment easily, and as needed. ISO-Base platforms can be installed in a “live” computer room since there is no drilling or anchoring required. The platform rows can be built-out with equipment rolled into position using ramps, or the racks can be hydraulically lifted straight up (about 5 inches), to allow the build-out of the platform, then lowered onto the platform.

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