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Edge Data Centers with Centiel

CumulusPower™ is a Swiss made 3-phase, online double-conversion and fully decentralised modular Uninterruptible Power Supply, providing the maximum flexibility to adapt to any application.

By eliminating any single point of failure, adding Distributed Active-redundant technology (DARA™), preventing human error and reducing the time to maintain and repair, CumulusPower delivers an industry leading Availability of 9 nines to fulfil the needs of the most critical power applications.

Centiel’s 19″ Universal Rack is the intelligent way to upgrade your existing comms room to an Edge Data Centre. This product allows you to re-use, re-sizing, and re-managing existing infrastructure to enable you to utilise existing equipment, reducing waste and overall expenditure.

Centiel Edge Solution video


All Universal Racks include:

• Electrical distribution

• DC Battery MCB protection (1 x module)

• Bypass fuses (3 x module)

• Output parallel isolator (1 x module)

• System Manual Bypass

• Connectivity board (5 x Dry output, 5x Dry Input, RS232, RS485, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Slot for SNMP)


A well-designed Edge Data Centre will last an organisation several generations of IT equipment whereas a poorly designed Edge Data Centre could cost an organisation a lot of money in terms of poor availability, wasted infrastructure, and running costs.

With the constant drive to reduce costs, avoid compromising on quality, plus the inevitable concerns regarding environmental impact of any installation, now is the time to work smarter.  By working with trusted experts, it will be possible to tailor a UPS solution which is right-sized for your organisation in order to maximise the economic advantages and environmental benefits developments technology can now offer.

The CENTIEL design team works at the forefront of technological development.  Centiel are the trusted advisors to some of the world’s leading institutions in this field. Contact our team of specialist advisors at Power Protection ltd today to find out more.

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