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Borri UPSaver 400kW – 1.6MW

Maximum energy savings together with high quality power for your data center? Now it’s true with Borri UPSaver®: the modular UPS for large data centers.

UPSaver® is a complete, very high efficiency, multi-function and fully adaptable power protection system for your mission critical application. The flexibility of the system is achieved by using power modules, which can configure a wide range of modular systems.

From Uninterruptible Power Supply to Uninterruptible Power Saver: a permanent saving system continuously monitoring the mains to guarantee high quality power to your data center equipment at minimum energy usage.

  • Efficiency up to 99.5%
  • Modular and scalable up to 12.8 MW
  • Hot system power growth
  • Minimum maintenance needs
  • Whatever your mission critical application is we provide you with the right system
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