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UPS Borri 10kVA – 800kVA

The INGENIO PLUS uninterruptible power supplies are on-line, double conversion, without insulation transformer on the inverter line (transformer-free). They are designed to guarantee the highest reliability for the supply and protection of critical equipment in the most diverse applications, from the ICT and telecommunications to process industry, emergency and safety systems and medical equipment.

The INGENIO PLUS series is characterized by high efficiencies, which can be obtained thanks to the use of the Green Conversion algorithm. Besides the electrical efficiency the Green Conversion allows to optimise and maximise the battery efficiency and its expected lifetime, totally eliminating the voltage ripple and the floating charge micro-currents, through intermittent charging cycles, that are controlled by a specific algorithm.

10kVA to 20kVA product brochure


30kVA to 160kVA product brochure


200kVA to 300kVA product brochure


400kVA to 800kVA product brochure
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