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ABB Conceptpower DPA500 100kW – 300MW

ABB’s Conceptpower DPA 500 is a high-power, modular and transformer-free UPS system for organizations who need zero downtime. The UPS is built using true online double conversion technology and provides low cost of ownership. True modularity up to 3 MW Now you can have a UPS size to exactly fit your needs: The Conceptpower DPA 500 is the only modular UPS on the market that can easily be scaled up to provide 3 MW of clean, reliable power. This scalability means that there is no need to over-specify the original configuration as powermodules can simply be added, as needed, in the future. True parallel architecture Reliability and availability are ensured by the Conceptpower DPA 500’s proven Decentralised Parallel Architecture (DPATM). Each module contains all the hardware and software required for full system operation. They share no common components. Each UPS module has its own independent static bypass, rectifier, inverter, logic control, control panel, battery charger and batteries.

With all the critical components duplicated and distributed between individual units, potential single points of failure are eliminated.

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